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Brand Identity Creation

What is Brand Identity Creation?


Creating a brand identity is not only about creating just a logo and tagline. Your brand identity is the most noticeable appearance of your business that outer world sees. The objective of the brand promises, Fonts, taglines, colors, logos, etc. is to deliver that indescribable feeling that best denotes your business.

Businesses these days need to build a significant presence in the mind of the viewers. This can be done through an effective brand creation, which is created by a team of brand designers. A good brand identity assists businesses to communicate themselves in a range of methods on numerous media platforms and to the world. At 4 Eyed Media Inc., we strive hard to build your brand identity by communicating the mission and values of your company to the viewers in the most efficient way.

How is Brand Identity Creation done?

Our identity creation services process goes through various steps to develop viable business ideas. We have a talented and expert brand management team, which makes a new look for your brand so that your brand can get a distinct position in the market.

Brand Identity Brief

The basis of any effective brand identity project is a proper design brief. Together with the client, we institute the main goals for the project together with any other pertinent information, which may have an impact on the way we go about it.

Market Research

Each business functions in a different marketplace. At 4 Eyed Media Inc., we take time to search for new trends in order to make sure that your brand identity is appropriate as well as unique.

Brad Name Conception

Your brand name is a vital part of the brand identity creation. Our team of experts strives hard to create a strong name, which goes with your branding insight. Our team picks a name for your business, which creates an effective visual distinctiveness among the viewers. Our names are 1.Easy to pronounce 2.Unforgettable 3.Go with the packaging or labeling requirements 4.Go with any kind of advertising medium.

The Logo

Irrespective of the details, the chief aim of any logo is to put the features and abilities of a business into an easy and visually attractive form. Our team of graphic design designs persuasive and striking logos. While designing logos our team ensures that these logos put a strong image for your business.

Brand Tagline Creation

At 4 Eyed Media Inc., we develop tagline(s), which communicate your business message to your viewers without any doubt. The tagline created by us will be convincing enough to show the vision of your brand. These taglines express your brand character and bring into line your brand message with targeted market requirements. These taglines are designed taking into account the stature and integrity terms. Our branding experts bring into line the taglines with the vision of the brand and give the tagline a real meaning or added value.

Visual Assets

Other than the brand name, logo and tagline we take into account many other visual assets in order to build brands, which are unique, flexible and reliable. These may comprise imagery, iconography, typography, illustration, and color.

What are the benefits of Brand Identity Creation?

Customer Loyalty

Once customers start to be familiar with and buy a product they keep coming back for more and become loyal “followers” of that brand. At 4 Eyed Media Inc., we stress on branding, which will hit all the right notes with customers and you will see your customer loyalty beginning to build.

Customer Recognition

Brand Identity Creation results in familiarity. When a customer is shopping and finds the design/colors/descriptions of a brand, which they are familiar with, they are more probable to take that product, as it is familiar and noticeable.

Brand Identity Increases New Product Launches

A big advantage of strong branding is that it assists in promoting new products and services. So, when you bring a new product/service, people will automatically be interested as they are already aware of the brand.

Increases Credibility

A solid branding increases the businesses’ credibility within its industry, as well as with the audience.

Why 4 Eyed Media?

At 4 Eyed Media Inc., every project for us holds an exclusive opportunity to creatively address the business requirements of our clients. We take seriously each of your project queries and try our best to provide the supreme solutions when it comes to branding.

4 Eyed Media Inc. provides wide-ranging solutions, which have been created according to the needs of the client. With the changes in technology, we at 4 Eyed Media Inc. strive hard to keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and provide you with the most effective solutions.

At 4 Eyed Media Inc., we don’t limit the client revisions. We work with you until you are fully satisfied.

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