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Email Marketing Management

What is Email Marketing?


Email Marketing is most likely one of the best tactics to draw new customers and also connect with the current customers. Email marketing is the formation and simplification of marketing campaigns, which are sent through email, typically to a group of people. Email marketing includes online messages, which are used to publicize, indorse business and create brand awareness. It lets you keep a mutually valuable relationship with your clients, in which they are driven by new deals, and promotions, and you can advance your revenue with one of the simplest and most cost-effective types of advertising.

4 Eyed Media Inc. offers a complete set of email marketing services to provide for all your needs and promote your company’s email campaign production. Grow your business and get in touch with your customers via our smooth email marketing management service.

How is Email Marketing done?

Usually, the chain of an email marketing campaign compromises the following eight steps:


First of all, the targets, which are anticipated to be attained with email marketing are defined.

Collecting data

Once the general goals are decided, the target groups are defined. After which, the email addresses of the members of these target groups are collected.

Creation of the contents

For each email campaign suitable content for the target group needs to be generated.

Email Blast

A personal email for each receiver needs to be sent. Emails that bounce back are be processed accordingly, based on the reason of non-deliverability. A test account is set with the main providers to find out if the emails have been delivered suitably or which one are categorized as spam mail.

Results are assessed

Lastly, the outcomes of the emailing broadcasts, like the rate of undeliverable or opened email, the number and distribution of link clicks, the number and the revenue of orders and sales, and other responses are taken into account and studied.

What is the benefit of Email Marketing?

Get Prompt Response and Action

In the present times, it has become extremely easy to send personalized emails, and one can see the outcomes quickly via real-time reports. Moreover, our campaign lets us you to schedule email delivery time. This way, you can choose a time when the audiences are more likely to engage. Therefore, the clients are more probable to read and take quick action on it.

Targeted Audiences

Being able to target your audience cracks all the integral issues of non-targeted marketing. With email marketing, the business have additional control on who sees the mail by filtering the contacts list on the basis of the location, lead status, etc. Targeting emails make sure that your viewers get content appropriate precisely to his/her requirements. With our services, you can tailor a message according to each and every of our customer on the basis of a segment to get a higher conversion rate.

Get More Referrals, With no trouble

E-mails can be easily forwarded to other peoples. Therefore, there are more chances that your customers would refer your service to their friends. And these prospective customers can sign-up for the mailing list. This can turn the interested audiences into the loyal customers. Here, the viewers who share your message act as brand advocates. As a result, your brand gets more coverage and reliability.

Increase Customer Communication

Email newsletters are quick and low-cost to create. Therefore, it is a preferred tool for communication rather than paper invitations. Our email services put you in the client’s mind more intensely than usual emails. And by our engagement program, we will increase your brand awareness.

Why 4 Eyed Media?

4 Eyed Media Inc. is a prominent company that provides web-based email marketing service that let you create, schedule, send and track responses. We, at 4 Eyed Media Inc. generate exciting emails and messaging promotions which reach out, drive the attention of your customers, and make them take notice of your business. No matter whether these campaigns comprise emails with interesting graphic content or necessary web driven sales events, we are here to help.

Our development team has wide-ranging experience in using a range of content management systems, like – Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, all of which comprise multipurpose email marketing tools. We can run extremely effectual email marketing campaigns for your company, or we can assist you to power emails via your individual content management system.

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