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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Pay-Per-Click is a useful marketing model in which the client decides a budget for the ads on a given platform, and then pay only for the clicks that are received. These ads are presented within search engine results or in numerous ways on diverse social media platforms. It is a technique for businesses to develop brand recognition, a steady web existence, and steady website traffic.

At 4 Eyed Media Inc., we offer social media PPC management for any platform, which provides PPC. Together with having an outstanding social media policy, you can target particular users on social media by directing age, interests, income, education, etc.

Social Media Ad Management

Social media Ad management is totally different in comparison to the PPC advertising on Google. The chief difference is that you are aiming individuals when they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. VS individuals going to Google to make a specific search. It is a fact that in order to increase your visibility on social media platforms, paid social media is necessary. These days consumers are spending around two hours of their total time on various social media sites. Therefore, advertising on social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter makes sense.

No matter whether you are just getting into social media marketing or you are seeking to perfect your current campaign, the PPC experts at 4 Eyed Media Inc. are always there to help you with each feature of your social media campaign management.


Google and Bing Ads Campaign Management

Search engine marketing is a digital marketing approach made use of to grow the visibility of a website in search engine results pages.

With a growing number of users exploring and shopping for products online, SEM has turned into a fundamental policy for growing the reach of a company.

SEM professionals target the two chief search networks, which are – Google AdWords and the Bing Ads.

Google AdWords is in fact two networks: Google Search Network and Google Display Network. The Google Search network comprises entirely of search-related websites held by Google, whereas the Google Display Network comprises properties like – YouTube, Blogger and Gmail.

The Bing Ads lets clients to buy ads on the Yahoo’s network of websites as well as Bing’s network.

Even though Google is the leader in the search engine market, Bing Ads—, which offers PPC advertising services on the Bing search engine— still, are responsible for a huge share of the market. Therefore, if your business is merely advertising on Google, then you are missing approximately 17% of the Bing search engine market.

No matter whether you are just getting started with Bing Ads or you are seeking to perfect your current campaign, the PPC experts at 4 Eyed Media Inc. are always there to help you with each facet of your Bing Ads management.

The 4 Eyed Media Approach


Our team of experts works with you to understand your business, your objectives and your preferred target audience.

Exact Keyword Research

In order to target your services/products, we carry out plenty of keyword research to generate ad groups and themed campaigns for applicable search phrases. Selecting the accurate combination of keywords activates your advertisements and creates inquiries.


We generate a number of ads to get traffic to your website. We put together these with a number of ad extensions in order to actually make your ad be noticeable. As soon as everything is planned, we will start executing your PPC campaign.

Sponsored Ads Display

We get instantaneous visibility to your business by featuring convincing ads on the targeted audience. From here, we manage the campaign by continually making changes to get the most out of your campaign.

Bid Management

We make sure there are improved conversion rates through automatic and manual bid management and efficient landing page optimization.


Our team of experts makes use of tracking tools to achieve analytic and bid management solutions. This can help you understand the development and set quantifiable performance indicators to measure your campaign’s success.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

Achieves Business Goals

PPC can assist you to attain a huge number of business and marketing objectives. These objectives vary from high-level brand visibility to e-commerce sale.

It is Measurable!

A chief advantage of PPC advertising run via AdWords is that it can be easily measured and track. You just need to use the Google Analytics and AdWords tool.

The Right Audience

While running a PPC campaign you pick where and when your ads will show on the basis of various features comprising – device, keywords, time and date, location, website, etc. The flexibility, which you have lets you section your market and get your products/services to the right audience.

Why 4 Eyed Media?

Our PPC campaign makes sure you know where the campaign stands at any given point of time. Our team of experts is dedicated to enhancing your complete business and assist you incorporate pay per click in your general business plan with ease. We are a research-oriented company, which believes in staying up-to-date with the latest technology in the field of search engine marketing. Having huge knowledge regarding the internet helps us create inclusive and cost effective campaigns for our users.

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