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Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development Services


Your website is the most vital constituent of your business’s marketing plan. Your website is an image of your business. A website is a fundamental core for your messaging and content marketing efforts. A professionally designed and developed website will help your business in attaining new levels of development and success. All the marketing methods used by your business should are supposed to drive the traffic to your website. Simplicity in web site design lets a viewer concentrate on the vital features of the website, like – functionality, usability, message, and conversion. The development of the website design and development technology has resulted in more and digital marketing tools.

4 Eyed Media Inc. offers web development and web design services that work as an effective marketing tool and makes sure that there is a return on investment. Our web development services put together advanced web design technology with the newest business ideas to make your website eye-catching and easy to understand as well as use. The web design and development services offered by us are founded on the aims and goals of the customer’s innovativeness to reach current and prospective clients. Our goal is to offer your users with useful website design, which seizes their attention and changes viewers into clients.


The 4 Eyed Media Approach

Gathering information

Prior to we start the designing process, we try to understand the core of the project. Our designers try to understand your business goals, target customers and purpose. A well-described plan can safeguard you from spending extra resources on cracking the unforeseen challenges.


In this stage, the developers create a site map using the data that as collected in the first stage. Moreover, the designers decide the web designing technologies that are to be used in this web designing process.


In this design phase, all the visual content, like the photos, images, and videos is created. The client, as well as the target audience, is kept in mind while designing the website. After the layout is created, it is sent to the customer for feedback. In the case, the client is not satisfied with the design, the layout is changed and the changes are made until the client is not satisfied.

Content Writing

At this stage, the content is put on the website. This content comprises everything that you wish to communicate about your brand/product/service to the customer.


At this stage, complex codes will be written to create a functional website. Frameworks and CMS are executed in order to ensure that the server can handle the installation and set-up smoothly.


After this, strict testing is carried out for functionality and performance. Every single link is tested in order to ensure that there are no broken links among them. Although our developers are continually testing all through the project and follow a strict testing procedure; this testing makes the project run smoothly.


After the client is satisfied with the results, the website is launched for the public.


Even after the website is launched our job is not over and we are always there to look after the maintenance of the website. We keep monitoring your website and are always ready to upgrade to the latest technologies whenever required.

Get the Most Out of Your Website!

Increase Customers

A website can assist you in getting more customers. The internet offers a global community, which ensures that with a website, your business will be noticeable all around the globe.


Customers can visit the website any time they want. As a website is more accessible, customers can visit it anytime they want to know something about your company or product/service.


In present times, there are various digital methods that help in advertising. All these methods drive the traffic to your website, which helps in getting more conversions.

Cost Efficiencies

A website is less expensive when compared to other modes of advertising like – radio, T.V, newspaper, etc. Moreover, numerous types of offline advertising accessible on the internet are on occasion free of cost.

Why 4 Eyed Media?

Websites designed by us deliver your message to the people visiting your site as well as make them aware about your brand and the product/services offered by you.

We are committed and devoted to providing the paramount customer service to our clients.

We create the websites in the realistic budget and e provide all the facilities like – design, development, hosting, and maintenance of all your online requirements.

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