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How to Deal With Online Trolls and Creeps!

Social Media is incredible! It has made the world a lot smaller and individuals now have closer access to their favourite company, brand, and celebrity.  Being popular on social media also has annoying inconveniences. That’s right we’re talking about trolls and creeps!

Social media has made freedom of speech a little more ‘rambunctious’ than usual, and you’re facing irrational pieces of feedback that nobody will say in an actual face-to-face environment.  So how do you deal with them?

Evaluate Them

We all know that social media creepers and trolls can be very expressive, so take your time to evaluate them.  Before blocking or counter-arguing, really think if this is a discussion worth having.  For creepers, they might over ‘like’ postings or constantly message, however it’s also important to know that your user engagement has increased.  It may be best to see if their ‘obsessive’ behaviour will even take the next step.  As far as trolls are concerned, it’s always best to not feed the trolls with an argument, they will be ready to fire back.  You don’t want to negatively impact the image of your association with petty arguments which can potentially elongate for days.

Ignore Them

If you’re becoming bombarded with obsessive hate or love on your channels, it might not be worth the time of day.  Specifically for trolls, their opinions will reach greater heights, so just agree to disagree.   On the contrary, if there is a review or a customer service concern, it is important to handle that immediately to ensure your fan base that you do care for their business related needs.

Be Professional

There may be an occasion where push comes to shove, and you might need to address these users based on the nature of the subject.  You will constantly find strong opinions expressed on all social media platforms, especially YouTube.  If you’re representing a business or a personal brand, it is important to deal with these matters in a professional way.  Never be argumentative or defensive because you already have a community watching you on a daily basis.  Your online reputation means a lot, so protect it.

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